Sudstech porous paving is an eco-friendly SUDS-compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions) water management solution developed for both the commercial and public sector. Unlike other resin bound products the Sudstech’s system utilises a recycled car tyre sub base eliminating delamination and clogging, ensuring unrivalled porosity of 50,000 ltrs per m2 per hour.

The Sudstech system has been developed over the past 5 years and rigorously tested at BRE (British Research Establishment) for impact and freeze thaw. The use of a Sudstech surfacing in conjunction with a permeable sub-base based SUDS system could achieve up to 9 additional BREEAM (2011) credits.

Porous resin bound surfacing is traditionally laid onto a base of concrete or tarmac which can develop faults over time such as delamination, clogging and weed growth. The Sudstech system prevents these issues by using a recycled rubber sub base. Small fines that support weed growth usually build up over time affecting porosity, however, due to the slight flexibility in our rubber sub base fine are agitated through the product when trafficked by vehicle or foot, never allowing the fines to settle in any one area.

Traditional porous paving that utilises either concrete or tarmac bases can be subject to delamination. Delimitation is the process of water freezing inbetween a permeable and impermeable surfaces causing the two layers layers to split. The Sudstech system’s rubber sub base accommodates for expansion and contraction allowing water to freeze and thaw within its voids eliminating delamination.

Sudstech offers a sustainable and virtually maintenance free SUDS solution       

Company details are listed below Sudstech is a product of Langford Direct ltd

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