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Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are a ground breaking new innovation in water management originating from Holland. Made from a 100% natural material know as rock wool which is comprised of  melted rock that has been spun into fibres and subsequently shaped into a block and then wrapped in a membrane of erosion-resistant filter cloth. The blocks can be used to buffer / drain surface and rainwater in an environmentally friendly way.

Hydrorock® has a load bearing capacity of up to 4 tonnes and is fully SUDS compliant. It is an effective and sustainable way to prevent flooding, separate rainwater discharge and preventing dehydration of the soil without the need for piping. Made from spun basalt stone formed in to blocks and covered with a unique filter cloth, Hydrorock® filters out sand and acids, ensuring clean water is returned to the water table, In line with targets set for 2015, by the European clean water directive.

With an unrivaled 94% capacity, the blocks, which are available in several sizes, can be joined using perforated pipe, or stacked on top of one another creating a tailor made drainage solution for any site. Hydrorock® is the ecologically sound alternative to attenuation tanks, drainage hoses and gravel trenches. Requiring minimal dig out with no falls, Hydrorock® is fully suds compliant and BREEAM accredited whilst at the same time offering an excellent price performance ratio.

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