Rainwater Harvesting Ltd

Climate change,population and urban growth have all contributed to stresses in the UK water infrastructure. Since 2008 Rainwater Harvesting Ltd have been developing systems to reuse rainwater within the domestic environment. Over the past year the engineers and designers have focussed on a Sustainable Water Management System. RainActiv combines the benefits of rainwater harvesting for non-potable applications  with controlled release of attenuated water into the network. The concept is simple but the design is innovative. The outcome is an effective,affordable decentralised water management system with shared ownership between the agencies,authorities,developers and consumers.

How Does RainActiv Achieve This?

Rainwater is collected off the roof,filtered and stored in an underground tank. Without light or temperature variance’s the water stays cool and fresh. It is then pumped back into the house for toilets,washing machines and outside use. RainWater Harvesting Ltd have developed WRAS approved mains back up systems which make the systems simple to operate and install. Both direct and gravity fed systems are available.

The RainActiv Sustainable Drainage Element (SDE) is calculated assuming that the rainwater capacity is full. The secondary tank volume has a calculated capacity which allows further rainwater to be collected. The design team use sophisticated software to ensure that critical storm duration criteria are met. At the SDE level the water is directed to the overflow but at a controlled rate and therefore not overloading the system.

RainWater Harvesting are exhibiting at Ecobuild Stand S4100 and Homebuilding and Renovating Show F152 during March

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