One Machine. Infinite Possibilities.

The CEORATM is the ultimate solution for all green space professionals handling large turf areas. With systematic cutting and virtual boundaries, large turf management is made easier than ever – whilst delivering outstanding results.

It’s the next level in commercial care. CEORATM is an autonomous mowing solution that is changing the world of commercial turf care. With its ground-breaking innovation, it is easy to use and has a very large area capacity. Thanks to the satellite based EPOSTM technology, you won’t need physical boundary wires giving you unparalleled flexibility.

When it comes to handling large turf areas, CEORATM leaves nothing to be desired. An adaptable solution that covers areas up to 75,000m2 and exceeds the demands on time, turf quality and usability. Cutting systematically in parallel tracks means CEORATM is equally efficient whether managing football pitches or any other large green spaces. Not only does this machine cut turf, but it also cuts costs. Compared to traditional mowing of larger areas, CEORATM offers an opportunity for more sustainable and cost-efficient operations with significant savings on labour and equipment costs.

CEORATM is lightweight, virtually silent, and battery-driven – reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy complete control directly from your smartphone, define cutting areas or change the turf care schedule using the simple mobile Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM. Come rain or sun, this mower will continue to deliver extraordinary results.

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