Graepels is a family run business and at its core is committed to manufacturing only the highest quality products. Our focus on innovation, quality and flexibility makes us a valued partner to work from product development to small and large-scale projects.

For over 60 years, Graepels has manufactured quality products for a range of industry sectors, delivering excellent results with the expertise of our team. Our capabilities and services include CNC Perforating, Wire Weaving, Laser Cutting and Fabrication services.

One of our popular products for landscaping and urban areas is our award-winning Chelsea Gold Flooring. Originally manufactured for the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

Chelsea gold is available in various patterns Deluxe, Luxe, and standard. The perforations consist of a hexagonal pattern, perforated into the Corten sheets (Corten is also known as weathering steel). The design uses a mix of countersunk and flush holes which ensure underfoot safety. Corten steel produces a natural earthy patina that contrasts beautifully with greenery; however, this does take time to develop. In instances where the material cannot be left to weather naturally, the process can be speeded up through a process known as pickling. Corten does not require ‘finishing’ however, there is an option of shot peening which provides an even finish, grip, and texture.

Other perforated metal products like Picture-Perf, have many uses and applications from bandstands to, historic signage, memorials, gates, cladding and screening.


Picture-Perf bandstand using oak leaf pattern.

Picture-Perf takes an image or graphic of your choice and translates it onto a metal sheet through different sized holes. These varying sized holes create contrasting levels of shading and density, creating a new way for architects to use metal in a wide range of uses including cladding, ceiling tiles, lighting applications and screens.

Picture-Perf historic image perforated onto sheets of metal and backlit for Swindon underground.

Picture-Perf Gate of historic image of the workers (Swindon).

Picture-Perf Bin Enclosure using leaves from nature to create a neutral image.

Picture-Perf is manufactured by Graepels.

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