Spilltector Generator Drip Trays Available from First Mats

If you use portable generators outdoors, you’ll be familiar with the risk of hazardous oil and fuel spills contaminating the surrounding environment. Spilltector Generator Drip Trays tackle this problem by combining a simple drip tray design with a clever oil-absorbing catch mat.

The Spilltector drip trays work by positioning the generator on top of a specially designed mat, which is made easy thanks to the flexible sides of the tray. The mat is constructed from several layers of material, including a Hydrophobic absorbent sheet. This material repels water, so it won’t become saturated if it rains.

Available in four sizes, from 70cm x 55cm to 137cm x 200cm, the Spilltector Drip Trays can be used with a wide range of generators across multiple industries and applications.

“With these new Generator Drip Tray, it’s easier to use portable generators outdoors while meeting your environmental obligations,” said First Mats’ Marketing Director, Richard O’Connor. “The flexible sides, unique absorbent mat and availability of replacement mats make this an effective and cost-efficient solution to leaking generators.”

The Generator Drip Trays are available now through the First Mats website. For more information, visit https://www.firstmats.co.uk/collections/spill-control

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