Investing in an outside fireplace

Landscapers whose clients want an outside entertainment area which will extend their usable home space already know that an outdoor fireplace can bring a fantastic ambience and warmth to any garden project.

Investing in an outside fireplace allows one to make full use of a deck or patio area, as clients ​Don’t need to retreat indoors when the sun goes down or when the evening turns a little chilly.

Most outside fireplaces are of course intended as source of heat, although you’ll find some elsewhere which are made almost solely for their decorative function.

Fire pits are more than just beautiful features for outdoor spaces, they are vehicles for bringing people together. Few things are more fundamental, or more enjoyable, than sitting around an open fire with family and friends.

Urban Fires’ collection of firepit designs add ​A modern dimension to the primordial campfire with simple vessels in architectural concrete, corten and stainless steel.

Urban Fires has launched a new range of easy-to install gas-powered 15kW-25kW firebowls & firepits – no need for a builder, just a registered gas installer – using LPG bottles or mains gas from the house.

Available in a wide range of finishes including coloured concretes, stainless and corten steel, these quality items benefit from more than five years’ experience in designing and supplying the best outside fireplaces, all designed to withstand the worst of our UK & Ireland climate.

CONCRETE FIRES: Mito is a peaceful firebowl with wide, shallow dimensions. Luca is a firebowl of narrower proportions, suitable for use in multiples or for cozier spaces. Benny is a square fire pit, whose angular geometry is right at home in modern gardens and outdoor rooms. Robot is a linear fireplace in wo sizes 1400 and 1800 long. These concrete fires are handcast to order in one of six architectural concrete colours.

CORTEN FIRES: Bola is a large, shallow vessel that epitomises the organic modern fire pit. Cauldron is a dramatic and sculptural firepit inspired by the crater left by a sunken volcano. Bola and Cauldron are available as wood-burning fire pits as well as with a natural gas or propane burner. Benny and Robot are now also available in Corten steel.

LINEAR FIRES: Robot is a linear fire feature that has the long, low proportions of a modern outdoor coffee table and Comdore is a 2100 length fireplace that can function as a space divider or spectacular central feature.

FIRE TABLES: The Foldup firetable is available in two shapes, an 1800 rectangle and a 1400 square. It is substantial and sculptural, yet light and minimalist. A modern firetable made in powder-coated aluminum.

Priced from £3100, these new products will enhance any garden project.

More info from Urban Fires, London TW8 0FD –
0207 183 1806

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