Tara Signs is working with FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobile), a relationship dating back to 1991, rolling out a Corporate Identity programme for Jeep and Alfa Romeo Dealerships, which are part of FCA.  The exterior Jeep and Alfa Romeo dealership will ideally include cladding panels, personalised dealer names, the brand logos, entrance portal, institutional totems, flags and directional signs, all in keeping with the FCA Corporate Brand Identity guidelines.

FCA Chief Marketing Officer says…   “It is all about differentiating the brands. Each brand stands for something unique.  Consumers visiting one of the showrooms must have an idea of which brand and product they are looking for.”

Our First installation, Swansway in Chester, is in keeping with their marketing objectives –  creating a unique voice for each brand, and what a voice this dealership has!

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This dealership has been given a distinct look by  creating bespoke rainscreen cladding using specially produced Aluminium Composite Material, Reynobond 55 in Jeep Black, on the entire building before adding the illuminated brand logos.   The rainscreen is renowned for its ability to create a completely flat surface and is increasingly being used on prestigious projects where guaranteed long-term performance and the aesthetics of the building façade are of paramount importance.  There is the added advantage of allowing drainage and evaporation as the wall cladding stands off from the surface creating an air gap and prevents the wall air/moisture barrier from getting wet.

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The cladding specification drawings are bespoke for each dealership and created by our talented CAD technicians in the drawing office.   There are a few challenges to overcome when designing the ACM cladding; before deciding where the top hat uprights will be situated,  the windows and door positions are taken into account as well as ensuring the perfect alignment of the panels (as you will see in the photos).

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We have developed an excellent relationship with FCA and an understanding of their principles and the profound culture change that has taken place since the integration, this leaves us well-placed supporting multi branded dealerships like WLMG.  Not only do we provide the signage for FCA, we  co-ordinate the delivery and placement of the interior furniture and displays – Tara Signs contribute to the overall brand experience not just the signage on the building.

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Our dedicated teams provide a full service from surveying, technical design, and project management through to production, installation and maintenance from our factories and offices in Lancing, West Sussex.

We have in-house resource, state-of-the-art equipment and unrivalled technical knowledge and experience; this is not the first combined signage and cladding project we have rolled out in the industry.  When you choose Tara Signs we become a committed member of your team, that way we can ensure your vision and brand is translated perfectly in the signage.




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