Illuminate Your Garden and the Planet: Nitelux Garden Lighting

In the quest for sustainability, every choice counts. Nitelux’s innovative design, offers a comprehensive solution that not only brightens your outdoor spaces but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. Our partnership with Ecologi, a key player in global climate action, commits to planting trees worldwide and supporting essential environmental projects, contributing to a more sustainable planet. With a focus on accessibility. durability, and environmental responsibility. Nitelux stands out as a leader in the industry.

Paul Naylor – MD NiteLux: Paul Naylor’s journey from electrician to garden lighting innovator is a testament to his passion and expertise. Beginning his career as an electrician, Paul honed his skills before delving into garden lighting under the mentorship of industry veteran Dave Milsom of GLI Design.

Inspired by his mentor’s guidance, Paul founded Greenlite, dedicated to designing and installing lighting solutions. With a vision for excellence, he later established NiteLux, a superior brand known for its innovative designs and eco-conscious approach. NiteLux stands out as a leading choice in garden lighting, reflecting Paul’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

Why is NiteLux so different? Paul’s approach has always been to understand the problems customers could come across from 1st hand knowledge of installing landscape lights for over 20 years.

This is reflected in the huge knowledge base that has been acquired and which is regularly passed onto customers by advice tips and tricks which are freely given. He often carries out free walks and talks on prospective installations giving advice on what to light and why. The feedback from landscapers. designers, and electricians has been very rewarding. Paul gives all the help that wasn’t available or wasn’t freely given when he 1st started out in garden lighting.
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