Green-tech Donates Landscaping Materials to Local Primary School to Enhance their Outdoor Learning Space.

Green-tech, the leading supplier of landscaping materials, demonstrates its commitment to community support by donating a range of materials to Great Ouseburn Community Primary School in North Yorkshire. The donation aims to enhance the school’s outdoor learning and play areas, providing students with safer and more inviting environments for exploration and play.

On Saturday, 13th April 2024, Green-tech’s Managing Director, Kris Nellist, along with two staff volunteers Josh Hebden and Connor Freeman, delivered a variety of materials to the school. The donation included 110 large bags (2 pallets) of Scotbark Playbark. One of the pallets was generously donated by Scotbark, showcasing a collaborative effort in supporting the local community. Additionally, Green-tech donated 2.4m sleepers, Green-tree topsoil and enough John Chambers Dual Purpose Wildflower Seed Mix to cover 65 square meters at the front of the school.

The project aimed to revamp several key areas within the school grounds. The Early Learning area received a makeover with the installation of sleepers and topsoil to build up the existing digging play pit. Playbark was installed to augment the safety and aesthetics of the playground climbing area, creating a cleaner and more inviting space for children to enjoy. The wildflower seeds will create a vibrant ‘mini-meadow’ in the front garden, fostering biodiversity and supporting insect habitats.

Nick Oswald, Headteacher at Great Ouseburn Community Primary School, expressed gratitude for Green-tech’s support, stating, “We were delighted to receive support from Green-tech with a kind donation of materials for our outdoor learning and play areas. Green-tech staff listened to what we needed and offered several suggestions. Along with one of their manufacturers, Scotbark, they provided a huge quantity of fabulous, attractive, high-quality play bark, which not only makes our Early Years outdoor learning area and play equipment safer to use, but cleaner and more inviting for all children. It is now a fun place to learn, and it is noticeable how much more it is used since the bark delivery!

Early Years have also now got a planting pit where we can grow plants, fruit and flowers, learning how to make things grow. Green-tech has also provided wildflower seeds for our ‘mini-meadow’, which we will use to encourage and support insect habitats, including bees. None of this would be possible without their support so a big thank you to Green-tech.”

Green-tech’s Managing Director Kris Nellist adds, “I am thrilled to be able to help improve the learning environment for some local children. Green-tech’s involvement in the project is part of the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and giving back to the community. By donating materials to revamp the school’s outdoor spaces, we hope to create an interest and appreciation, and encourage environmental stewardship from an early age.”

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