Advanced KFS Special Vehicles Revolutionizes Grounds Maintenance with Innovative Conversions

Advanced KFS Special Vehicles (AKFS), a leader in the vehicle conversion industry, has once again set the benchmark for efficiency and safety with its latest offerings in Ground Maintenance vehicle conversions. For over three decades, AKFS has engineered custom solutions for industry leaders such as Glendale and idverde, through our acclaimed Plant & Go® Landscaper and Load & Go® models.

The Plant & Go® Landscaper model ( ) , praised by Glendale for its low floor design and substantial payload capacity of 1430kg, meets the operational needs of Grounds Maintenance professionals perfectly. This feature enhances ease of loading and operational efficiency, making it an ideal choice for handling large mowers and other maintenance equipment.

idverde has opted for the adaptable Load & Go® ( ) beavertail conversions, which are compatible with any vehicle chassis. This conversion is particularly noted for its lightweight design, weighing just 320kg, including an assisted tailgate. This minimal conversion weight allows for maximum payload, which is crucial for operational flexibility.

Both the Plant & Go® and Load & Go® conversions emphasise safety and customisability. The Plant & Go® Landscaper is designed with a low working height and efficient tailgate, easing the transition of equipment from transport to active use, while also providing ample space between wheel arches and additional storage for tools. On the other hand, the Load & Go® utility vehicle offers a range of bed lengths and is compatible with various cab makes, allowing for extensive customisation to meet client-specific needs.

The versatility of AKFS’s offerings extends beyond just technical specifications. Our commitment to providing bespoke conversions that address individual customer needs is supported by seasoned advice on design modifications, ensuring that each vehicle conversion is as unique as the business it serves.

To explore how our innovative vehicle conversions can enhance your operations, or to customise a solution tailored to your specific requirements, please reach out to our Grounds Maintenance Product Specialists at 01246 250022.

Discover the difference in safety and efficiency with AKFS’s industry-leading vehicle conversions.