EverEdge produce a range of landscape and garden edging products to suit all kinds of projects from the smallest domestic garden to the largest public space.

The vast majority of EverEdge products are manufactured in galvanised steel and can be unpainted or powder coated in a variety of colours, although brown remains by far the most popular as it mimics the natural edge of a lawn. More recently a number of EverEdge products are now available in a Cor-Ten finish. Cor-Ten is a natural weathering steel which is designed to form a patina of rust on the outside which protects the steel underneath from degrading.

The Cor-Ten finish offered by EverEdge has proved extremely popular as a material for edging, especially where the edging itself is going to be a feature. However, it has become even more widely specified for use in the EverEdge Planter. EverEdge began manufacturing planters two years ago and from our base in Shropshire EverEdge has now supplied planters all around Europe. The EverEdge Planter is a made to order product and the customer is always fully involved in the design phase. This ensures that whatever the customer needs, EverEdge can supply.

More information on the full range of EverEdge products can be found on our newly designed website

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