Curves In All The Right Places

The Curve

The Curve is a sleek and simple structure – one continuous curve, that arches gracefully from the ground. There’s no need for posts, with this seemingly gravity defying contemporary garden shelter. It is fastened securely to the ground with three strong steel blades that are dug in at the corner and mid points on each side.

The generous interior space is big enough to set up a dining area, leaving ample room for a chill out zone. This is enhanced by the unusual effects produced by sunlight shining through the horizontal slats, which creates a calming setting for relaxing in.

Can you picture illuminating the shape of the curves at night with LED lighting strips to create a memorable dramatic effect. The possibilities of how to use this unique outdoor space are endless.

It is shown here as a stand alone structure, open at the front and the back, but it could easily be installed up against a wall, giving it a more enclosed feel. Alternatively it could be positioned over French windows leading out on to your patio or deck, providing a chic indoors/outdoors area between the house and garden.

The clear polycarbonate sheets covering the panels, lend the Curve a shower-proof quality, and this also adds some protection from the wind.

Dimensions: approx 5.3m wide x 3.1m deep x 2.2m high

The Demi Curve

Beautiful in all the same ways as the Curve, the Demi Curve is smaller, but still perfectly formed.

It is effectively half the size width ways of the full Curve. Comprising two curved panels joined side by side that are supported by sturdy posts on the front corners. These posts are dug in and it is also fastened securely to the ground with strong steel blades that are dug in at the back corners and the mid point along the rear.

The Demi Curve is perfect for a courtyard or the smaller urban garden, although it is still large enough to house a comfortably sized seating set and table, just right for relaxing in. Alternatively with a larger table and chairs it will make a delightful al fresco dining area.

The Demi Curve also has polycarbonate sheets covering the panels to give you some protection from showers and the wind.

Dimensions: approx  3.1m wide x  2.7m deep x 2.2m high

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