Winnersh Triangle choose modular eco-building to sit at the heart of landscaping project

Frasers Property partnered with TG Escapes at Winnersh Triangle Business Park, a thriving business community with wellbeing at its heart. Acquired by Frasers in 2019 it provides agile workspaces for a diverse workforce and features stunning outdoor and green spaces. Frasers wanted to enhance the leisure facilities so TG Escapes provided a new sports hub working with S&C Slatters who designed the outdoor space including allotments, a living wall and a new Gen 2 sports pitch.

Frasers wanted to invest significantly to enhance the facilities at Winnersh. Landscaping was key to providing a stunning outdoor space. However, they recognised that they needed to provide reasons for customers to get outside every day so embarked on the development of a sports hub.

The Pavilion building offers changing rooms, a treatment room, kitchen and a yoga/pilates studio. Jake Walton, Design Manager at Frasers knew they wanted a timber frame naturally clad building. He considered a number of suppliers but after visiting a joint project between TG Escapes and S&C Slatters at Holy Cross School he selected TG Escapes. The building features larch cladding and a living roof.

Why did you want to develop this additional space?

To significantly enhance our Winnersh Triangle customers’ access to leisure and well-being facilities on-site at the business park.

What made TG Escapes stand out from other providers?

We undertook a significant precedent study of off-site construction products that would meet our aspirations for the project with a product of appropriate quality and TG Escapes portfolio was the best fit to meet those requirements. We particularly liked the robustness of the system and the ability to have a bespoke design.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed or are hoping for?

Immediate positive feedback from our customers at Winnersh Triangle. A massive bonus for the business park.

“I found TG Escapes to have a very proactive procurement and development team, that were happy to work collaboratively with us to deliver the best quality product achievable.”

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TG Escapes modular eco-buildings use modern methods of construction, traditional materials and sophisticated technology, to create a standalone net-zero space.

The innovative bespoke architect designed system provides timber frame buildings to suit most locations and uses, in a variety of finishes including timber, composite cladding or render in a range of colours, and brick slips. Offering a complete design and build service, offsite construction minimises disruption, cost and risk.

The buildings are aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and highly practical with an A+ energy rating and designed to last 60 years or more with appropriate maintenance. All buildings are designed net-zero in operation and can be certified net-zero in lifetime.