The Growing Market for Composite Decking & Fencing

Lockinex is a family-run business established in 2001 as a supplier to the trade, commercial and domestic industries.

Launching their composite decking & fencing range in early 2022, Lockinex believes composite is the future for the decking & fencing market for three key reasons:

It’s the best of both worlds.

Composite material is made up of 100% recycled wood and plastic giving the look and feel of traditional wood with none of the problems that can occur such as rot, termite issues and warping. The recycled materials used also help save the environment by cutting down on single-use plastic and deforestation.

It’s cheaper than traditional wood in the long run

Composite materials can last up to 15 years longer than wooden alternatives with no need for replacement. Lockinex is so sure of this, that they offer a 15-year warranty with their composite decking collection.


It stays perfect all year round

Composite materials can withstand harsh weather and temperatures as well as being resistant to moisture expansion. What’s more, only minimal maintenance is required for composite compared to traditional wood. There is no need for any oils, stains, or special decking cleaners. This is perfect for those with busy schedules looking to upgrade their outdoor living space & lifestyle without any extra upkeep.

Lockinex supplies three distinct colours for their composite decking & fencing collection:

  • Coffee Brown which matches the colour of some hardwoods while still offering a natural look
  • Light Ash and Charcoal to add complimenting features to the ever-growing trend of modern dark & light grey outdoor furniture and fixtures.


Composite Decking

Each composite decking board is designed to be double sided, giving the possibility to use either surface:

  • Side A- Grooved side with a sanded finish for high grip and interesting texture contrasts
  • Side B- Natural Smooth wood grain effect offering extra comfort and style.

Another benefit to Lockinex composite decking is it can easily be cut down to any desired length or shape. Although composite materials are tougher and more durable than wood, they are still easy to work with and give you the flexibility to satisfy all kinds of designs. Look at how one Lockinex customer designed and created an entrance to their private outdoor office space.

Composite Fencing

Enhance your outdoor space with Lockinex Composite Fencing panels and components which come in the same colours as the decking collection, making it perfect to mix and match with composite decking.

Composite Fencing Panels have a brushed/sanded finish with a tongue and groove slot system to interlock panels together. Fence posts have pre-cut channels, ready to accept the fence panels by simply slotting them in for smooth and easy installation.

With various style combinations to choose from the installation of Lockinex composite decking & fencing will be sure to give a modern and sleek feel to any garden or outdoor living space.

Interested in learning more?

Take a look at Lockinex’s easy-to-use website to find out more details and helpful information such as decking & fencing installation guides, videos as well as more information on the 15-year decking warrantee.

Their dedicated sales team are ready to answer any of your queries. For a personalised quote, you can email Lockinex at or call them on 01323 737626.

Request a sample pack of the decking or fencing by emailing today.

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