The built environment is changing as construction techniques and materials evolve and improve, and that includes what is happening under your feet or the wheels of your car.

Surface finishes for walkways, drives, cycle paths and hard landscaping in gardens have changed radically in recent times as technology advances. The choice available to architects, specifiers and the general public is massive and varied, but one material is staking a claim to be the finish of choice for all applications.

Resin bound and resin bonded systems originated in the US, and have been used in the UK for the past 25 years, but the vogue for clean and simple design has driven popularity of the systems to new heights.

Resin Surfaces Limited (RSL) is the UK’s leading manufacturer of resin bound and resin bonded surface finishes and produce two products with a myriad finishes. Resubind UV is a light stable polyurethane binder for use with decorative aggregates to create resin bound systems, while its Resugrip system, commonly referred to as a resin bonded system, is a polyurethane binder for use with surface dressings to produce additional slip resistance and traction underfoot.

Resin bound and resin bonded systems are naturally versatile and can produce unique and effective ways to provide an alternative to more traditional finishes for exterior areas, such as paving, tiles or even decking.

Resin bound and resin bonded systems use natural decorative aggregates such as pea gravel, quartz sands, granites, flint and glass to produce a wide variety of colours and effects, which means finishes can be harmonised with natural surroundings, while attaining a clean and simple beauty.

The two systems are proving ever more popular for landscape projects and provide attractive and durable finishes for foot bridges, pathways, walkways, driveways, tree pits and open areas in the urban environment, however, the breadth of applications is limited only by imagination, such is the variety of combinations of aggregates and resin colours.

Aesthetic appearance is only one virtue of the resin bound and bonded systems. No project could be judged a success if the finish didn’t pass the test of time, and here the resin systems deliver exceptional results. The finish is solid and unbroken ensuring weeds are permanently supressed while the surface is hard-wearing making it ideal for heavy duty and high traffic areas.

Martin Wroe, Commercial Director at RSL, believes the versatility of resin bound and resin bonded systems is the key to their success: “Our Resubind UV and Resugrip systems provide a beautiful and practical solution for just about any landscape project. They are safe, durable, adaptable to most situations, and fit perfectly with today’s taste for simple, clean design, but with a style reference to the natural world.”

As the built landscape changes resin bound and resin bonded systems have all the attributes required to fit contemporary design trends and the qualities to ensure it remains safe, durable and beautiful.

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