From formal to informal, traditional to contemporary, Strata Stones’ extensive range of high quality natural stone landscaping products can be used to create majestic yet functional commercial and domestic schemes.

Such is the diversity of Strata Stones’ product offering – available in modular units or supplied to bespoke design requirements – that landscape designers and home owners alike can combine uniform shapes and lines with more random materials as a means of bringing designs to life for years to come.Taking in a number of ultimate sandstone, limestone and slate paving collections, Strata Stones has the capability to provide an unrivalled product offering that can be used to breathtaking, yet practical effect. In addition, Strata Stones also offers a comprehensive and impressive range of circles, block paving setts and garden accessories.

Heading the company’s sandstone collection is Elegance, a magnificent and stylish offering available in seven colours that features sawn edges and surface to deliver a contemporary ambience to any adopted design scheme. Elegance also works in harmony with the Planked collection – also a sawn surface – that is widely adopted where space is at a premium and a lengthening or widening effect needs to be achieved.

Four further sandstone collections take in Venetian, a slip-resistant, textured paving with a lightly sandblasted surface that is available in five colours; Parish delivers a time worn look, resembling that of reclaimed York stone paving and which complements any period setting; the Kendal Collection, a product range available in 15 -25mm thickness, making it perfectly suited to large areas or patios where depth is at a premium, and Whitchurch, a traditional paving collection that comes in a choice of nine colours, ranging from buffs, yellows and browns to light, silver and dark greys. Whitchurch is also available in three beautiful shades of limestone and is supplied with a riven finish and hand cut edges.

Also available from Strata Stones is the new, three colour range of Sorrento tumbled paving in calibrated sandstone and limestone, not to mention the Salerno collection that comes in four colours, which alongside a calibrated surface also features sawn edges. The advantage of having a sawn edge means that slabs can be laid with a minimum gab in the jointing, giving the patio a contemporary ambiance, whilst retaining the traditional characteristics of natural stone paving.

Completing Strata Stones’ collection portfolio is a lightly riven slate paving offering that can be supplied in rustic, olive black or jade to deliver a modern and thrilling outdoor look.

Serving to create the perfect focal point within any hard landscaping design, Strata Stones has developed four circle sets – Sovereign, Elegance, Classic, and Celtic Cross & Sidus. Available in an unparalleled selection of colours, sizes and designs, each has its own part to play in accomplishing the ultimate in look, not to mention feel and performance.

And for those looking for an authentic alternative to concrete block paving, Strata Stones’ natural stone block paving or granite and sandstone setts are a must. Completing the picture is a striking range of landscaping accessories from Strata Stones that takes in water features, stepping stones, coping, edgings, steps, planters and walling.

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