Vandalite and IBL partnership

IBL and Vandalite are pleased to announce a partnership between the two companies.

With IBL already fully established within the architectural world and Vandalite being seen as a front runner for the secure impact and vandal-resistant side of the market, we are looking forward to both seizing new opportunities and growing together, thanks to the diverse portfolio we now cover collectively.

At the Vandalite UK head office, design, manufacture, dispatch and customer service are all under one roof. This means Vandalite are in complete control of the whole processes, which has now been extended to IBL within the UK. Not only will IBL be holding stock in the UK for both linear profiles and tape, but we can also support custom paint finishes and assembly for our profile ranges. Having this facility to support our Australian manufacturing branch, will be a fantastic addition for all.

After extensive training and now with a full understanding of what both companies have on offer, the IBL sales team are ready to hit the ground running, offering project support and handling all sales and promotions for both IBL and Vandalite.

Both IBL and Vandalite see themselves as solution providers, so having the same ethos will create the perfect synergy between the two brands. Solution providing is key to the lighting industry. We are all too aware that not many projects come without something needing a tweak, an update or a complete bespoke outlook. Both companies are keen to keep this at the heart of what we do.

This newest partnership comes as an addition to our growing family of manufacturers which includes Nocturnal lighting.

Nocturnal Lighting is a high-quality LED light manufacturing business located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. All fittings are handcrafted in-house out of the finest materials and assembled with precision.

Nocturnal has built a reputation for delivering the finest interior and exterior LED light fittings. We are proud to be able to extend their coverage with our Sales team.

Whilst all three bands cover a huge diversity within their range, one of the core values we all share is that whatever we manufacture, it is most definitely built to last and with our customers in mind. So, whether you are looking for architecturally stunning, bespoke hand-made, interior, exterior or vandal resistant – we can proudly say that we now have you covered, on all bases.

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