Topological Phenomenology Of Space & Architecture As Roots Of Infinity Dr.Peter Magyar

Architecture’s most important element is space, since it forms the cosmos, which surrounds, contains and fills-in our built environment. Yet, so far it has been made few attempts to define architecture by this essential component of it. With the “Spaceprints” method, and its topological derivatives, space and non-space can be simultaneously discovered, analysed, articulated and classified.

The basic observation, on which the whole process is developed is, that the condition of spatial continuity is surface continuity. As in many other areas of research, reduction offers the way of understanding the phenomenon at hand. In our case, this reduction is the depiction of the three dimensional surfaces. these surfaces then offer the possibility for their topological transformations, which in turn define the essences of the spatial structure of any building. These so called “general space prints” form a complex, multi-loop system, they mangrove-like appearance suggest their definition: “Roots of Infinity”, or in Short:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.39.19

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