Hooka – The Unique Pick and Carry Crawler for Landscaping materials, Garden Statues and Mature Trees

The recently launched Hooka Pick and Carry Crawler offers Landscapers and Builders a unique machine for moving bulk materials into the heart of restricted access sites.  At only 1 metre wide, yet with a lift capacity of 1.5 tonnes the Hooka has been ‘size matched’ to hard landscaping materials including bulk bags, pallets of blocks, York stone etc. 

Additionally, the Hooka makes light work of transporting mature root-ball trees, garden statues, hot tubs, pizza ovens etc.  By eliminating the barrowing and double handling of materials it saves time, labour costs and bad backs!  It also allows waste materials to be stored around the site in bulk bags and moved to kerbside at ‘time of collection’ – removing the need for skips and the hassle of their planning permits.

The Hooka’s unique ‘load-lock’ technology enables it to transport materials safely whilst only weighing 1.7 tonnes itself!  This means it can be transported easily to site by the HIAB truck at the same time as your material delivery, or towed behind a 4×4 on a standard plant trailer.

For the latest in-action video please visit:   www.thehooka.co.uk   or telephone 01462 499 642 to arrange a demonstration.

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