The UK’s leading manufacturer of sweet chestnut fencing products.

Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing supplies pale fencing, fence posts, traditional post and rail, gates, panels, hurdles and other products to customers across the UK and Europe. Contractors, retailers, public sector organisations, charities and private customers have seen the benefits of sustainable, durable and attractive sweet chestnut, all grown and processed in the UK. In particular, natural tannins in chestnut give an extended lifespan compared to other untreated timber.

We harvest raw timber from our own coppice in the North Kent Downs, and other sustainably managed woodlands in Kent and Sussex. The natural regeneration of the coppice after each harvest supports a wide range of native plants and animals. Our factory combines traditional hand-cleaving skills and modern manufacturing techniques to produce up to 7 miles of pale fencing and 4000 posts each week. This gives us the flexibility to support projects from small domestic and agricultural orders to new developments and landscape-scale fencing schemes. All products are made to order, to ensure that our customers’ unique needs can be met precisely.

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