Readyhedge is a nursery situated in the south of Worcestershire.  We specialise in growing instant hedging in metre long lengths and various height from 30cm tall to 200cm tall.  As well as individual plants and low and high panels and screens.  We grow over 40km of hedges in containers every year in over 35 varieties.

Readyhedge is an innovative way of supplying hedges which over comes the problem of how many plants do I need, by supplying pre-spaced metre long units of hedging that can be easily handled by one or two people.  This means that to order Readyhedge you just need to select a variety, select a height that you need and measure the distance in metres.  It is as easy as that.  We can deliver anywhere in the country and normally turn orders around within 48 hours.

Readyhedge comes in two different styles, Readyhedge troughs and Readyhedge bags which cover a range of heights and widths.  Specialising purely in hedging means that all our hedges are grown with the love and attention that each variety needs.

Started 20 years ago Readyhedge has accumulated a wealth of experience to help make sure that the hedging is grown, produced, and despatched to the highest standard and quality.