The revolutionary ultra-compact surface from Cosentino, Dekton

The revolutionary ultra-compact surface from Cosentino, Dekton® is perfect for exterior designs thanks to its high resistance to UV Rays, low water absorption and great colour stability. The revolutionary surface can be scorched, scratched, stained and frozen, but will remain intact and mark free. It can also recreate any type of material with a high level of quality to suit your taste; a metal look and finish can be achieved for a more industrial setting, wood for a more natural setting or stone for a contemporary setting. This is what makes Dekton the ultimate surfacing material for landscape architects and designers, and thanks to its large format capabilities for quick and easy installation it’s ideal for both public and private applications. Versatile and adaptable, the material will not fade or degrade over time, making it the superior choice for all types of surfaces such as outdoor kitchen worktops, outdoor furniture, swimming pools and exterior flooring.

Cosentino is the global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for architecture and design. Developed exclusively by its R&D department, Dekton is created from a sophisticated blend of inorganic materials, using an innovative ultra-compaction process. This process has created a whole new, revolutionary category of surfaces with endless aesthetic possibilities. The range is now available in over 30 colours and a multitude of textures.

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