Bituchem’s specialist hard-landscaping products have proved a popular choice across the education sector with numerous applications in both schools and universities being completed.

The company has worked for instance with Reading University and Hertfordshire University, as well as a number of primary schools across the country to provide an attractive and maintenance-free landscape solution using its flagship Natratex and Colourtex materials.

Bituchem’s Natratex buff coloured material has appeared to be the most popular choice amongst school and university redevelopments due to its modern aesthetics which complement the colours of Cotswold stone, which is being used more often for new buildings. The vivid colour allows architects and specifiers to create a striking landscape that is more aesthetically pleasing than standard black tarmac, with the same durable qualities, whether it is a brand new playground, pathway or staff car park.

Natratex is created using natural coloured aggregates, compacted using a specially formulated clear resin binder to ensure that the appearance and quality does not fade from constant use or damaging weather conditions. This compact structure of the material offers a smooth finish that is resistant to cracks or potholes caused by loose aggregates for a safer surface for young children that is also kinder to knees! The strong resistance and durable qualities also prevent the material from needing regular maintenance which could cause lengthy disruptions to a playground or campus.

The company’s Colourtex material has also grown in popularity due to its many options of vibrant colours. The material is particularly useful for primary school playgrounds which offer Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA) or require a bright and fun landscape for children.

Available in red, green, blue and buff, Colourtex can be used to create all or part of a scheme for a vivid finish that will not fade. The material can be used to highlight sports pitches, designated games or age-group areas or simply a creative imagery without the need for additional paint or marking equipment. This will significantly reduce the overall cost and time of the project as the entire landscape can be completed in one application without the need for separate demarcation painting.

Like Natratex, the colourful aggregates used to create Colourtex are bound using a clear resin binder to ensure longevity of colour and performance, whilst also being safe for use in playgrounds or other areas used by young children.

For schools or universities that have experienced frequent flooding or minor water build-up, Bituchem has developed Natratex to offer a porous alternative. Natratex Porous replicate the natural infiltration method of water and steadily absorbs all excess water through the surface of the material and into the ground, before finding its way to the natural water course. This sustainable method of drainage eliminates the need for conventional pipe systems and all maintenance and issues associated with them.

Bituchem takes into consideration the time and budget restraints that are associated with developments in schools and universities and has ensured that Natratex and Colourtex can meet all requirements. The low-cost materials are extremely easy to apply and do not require on-site mixing or gluing, and can be laid using traditional equipment which will help to reduce the overall time of the project. The company’s design team works closely with its customers to identify the requirements of each application, tailoring the material to meet the specification and desired finish of the project.

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