TERRAM GEOCELL The versatile and lightweight cost effective solution

TERRAM GEOCELL is a 3D cellular confinement solution ideal for use in construction and civil engineering projects for erosion control, soil stabilisation on flat ground and slopes, load platforms, tree root protection, channel protection, and structural reinforcement for load support and earth retention.

Supplied as flat pack panels, which are expanded on site to form a honeycomb-like structure, TERRAM GEOCELL’s can be filled with local compactable infill such as sand, soil, rock or other site material, reducing transport and installation costs. Flexibility and strength eliminate the potential for cracking, spalling, splintering and corrosion commonly seen in alternative concrete, steel and timber systems.

TERRAM GEOCELL’s are perfect for highway applications and can be seen on the 6m high embankment between junctions 16 to 23 and 27 to 30 of the M25. Approximately 1,800m2 of TERRAM GEOCELL was supplied to contractors Skanska and Balfour Beatty, working for Highways England, for stabilisation and erosion control where the motorway was widened, which, once installed, was filled with a layer of topsoil and hydro-seeded.

As TERRAM GEOCELL is made from permeable material, it allowed for the free flow of water, promoting a healthy growing environment for vegetation. This vegetation, coupled with the strong and flexible structure of the GEOCELL, ensured the constructed embankment was stable, protected from weather erosion and blended into the natural environment.

TERRAM GEOCELL’s have also been used in Kent for the construction of an access road for a new housing development, which crossed over an area where tree roots were at surface level. Spread laterally to reduce loads on the underlying soil and protect the tree roots from damage, GEOCELL’s were installed on top of a geotextile and filled with type 1 road stone before being compacted flat. A geotextile and binding layer were then added on top of the cells and the surface finished with small granular gravel.

Offering the perfect solution for tree root protection, TERRAM GEOCELL stops compaction from vehicle tyres whilst also allowing for the passage of airflow and water to provide essential nutrients to roots and preventing root rot – making them ideal for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS).

TERRAM has launched a GEOCELL pre-design software tool to aid users in selecting the correct product for erosion control and retaining walls. By entering application information into the user-friendly tool, users will be given fast and specific information regarding the suitability of GEOCELL for their project. If applicable, the user will be given the product code and pin density for the most suited GEOCELL product.

For more information on TERRAM GEOCELL please visit www.terram.com/products/geocells or call our sales team on 01621 874200