Terrabase – The Next Generation of Resin Bound Surfacing Has Arrived

The versatility and durability of resin bound surfacing has made it the fastest growing paving option in the UK in recent years.

This popular natural aggregate and resin system provides a highly decorative and practical alternative to block paving, loose gravel and asphalt, with the benefit of exceptional porosity for good drainage.

How does it work?

Resin bound is a blend of natural or recycled aggregate mixed with resin and applied to a sound base (concrete or asphalt) to create hard wearing, decorative surfacing with no loose gravel.  It is suitable for vehicle and pedestrian use on both commercial and domestic schemes. An ideal paving option for car parks, access roads, cycle routes, drives, courtyards, paths, patios and pool surrounds.

Resin bound surfacing is permeable and provides SuDS compliant paving when used with a suitable base build up.  As well as being aesthetically pleasing, resin bound surfaces are hard wearing and low maintenance. They can be swept to remove leaves, moss etc. and power washed as required to keep them clean and vacuumed with a wet/dry vacuum to remove silt to maintain porosity.

A smooth and seamless finish is obtainable with good slip resistance, which ensures that the surface is comfortable underfoot and suitable for pedestrian and wheelchair use, making it ideal for healthcare and education schemes as well as garden projects and pool surrounds. Available in a wide range of aggregate colours, the surface lends itself to creating designs with patterns, logos, wording etc.

Evolving Resin Bound Range

Addagrip Terraco Ltd has been manufacturing and formulating high quality resin based surfacing for over 39 years and strives to bring innovative paving options to the marketplace to meet ever changing project requirements.  All of our systems are formulated and tested to a high standard to ensure they meet the expectations of our customers and offer the most suitable surfacing option for their projects.

That’s why Addagrip Terraco has developed a full range of tailored resin bound systems each possessing properties that offer solutions for different site conditions and design challenges.

A typical lifespan of our quality resin bound systems is in excess of 15 years –  but don’t just take our word for it – Addagrip Terraco’s Resin Bound Addaset, Addabound and Terrabound have all been tested and approved by the BBA (British Board of Agrement) who note that these Addagrip systems have a lifespan in excess of asphalt. Addagrip Terraco was the first manufacturer to obtain BBA certification for its resin bound systems, leading the way with independent assessment and approval from the UK’s leading construction certification body.

Our three BBA certified systems offer high quality UV and non UV resin bound surfacing choices – Addaset provides an extensive range of colours, Addabound offers recycled aggregate content and Terrabound is our darker commercial grade resin matched with darker aggregates. All systems provide hard wearing, low maintenance, decorative, SuDS compliant surfacing when installed by our approved contractors onto a suitable asphalt or concrete base.

Innovative resin bound without invasive groundwork

But what if you have a site that is sensitive where invasive groundworks are not an option?  Addagrip offers an innovative ‘Minimum/No-dig Terrabase Rustic system for those projects where a concrete or asphalt base is not appropriate e.g. heritage sites, sensitive locations such as cemeteries and areas affected by surface tree root issues.  Our system has been widely used at Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, Mortlake Crematorium, Battersea Park and Leaders Gardens Putney to meet such challenges.

Terrabase Rustic offers a natural ‘rustic looking’ finish using a 6-10mm aggregate size, installed onto a compacted MOT Type 3 base or in some instance onto existing ground, which can be used for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Minimum dig, minimum disruption, low environmental impact.

Due to increasing demand for minimum/do-dig resin bound surfacing, the Terrabase system is now available as a Terrabase Classic using our BBA certified Addaset, Addabound and Terrabound for a more contemporary resin bound

Adding Some Sparkle

To add a little sparkle to your project, Addagrip Terraco also offers Addagrip STARPATH – an innovative light-emitting resin bound surfacing incorporating the latest photo luminescent technology to provide ambient lighting and wayfinding walkways after dark.

Addagrip Terraco – Leading the way with innovative Resin Bound surfacing solutions.

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