Sustainability at the heart of SAGE 2023

Planning for SAGE 2023 is well underway, and this year sustainability is at its core. After a heatwave and drought sweeping the UK this summer, and with the ongoing energy crisis causing increasing uncertainty, it has never been more important for the groundscare industry to take conscious steps to combat climate change. SAGE is returning for its third year in 2023 and realises the importance of reducing its impact on the environment, so this year is taking extra measures to ensure SAGE 2023 is as genuinely sustainable as possible.

Rather than vague promises of sustainability, SAGE is backing up claims of sustainability with actions that are tangibly good for the environment. Event Manager at SAGE, Vicky Panniers, said: “The deadline for becoming sustainable in the world of sports is now looming and our industry must now start to think of the steps we all need to take to become carbon neutral and comply with the new legislation.”

From using sustainable cleaning products to reducing single-use plastic, SAGE is implementing a wide range of sustainable practices all in line with Eventex’s suggested green practices, as highlighted in its ‘We are Green’ initiative. This initiative aims to inspire sustainability across the event industry, raise environmental awareness, and build a community of green-thinking organisers – something that is central to SAGE’s ethos.

Carbon footprint

What is a trade show without suppliers? In building next year’s exhibition show, SAGE has consciously chosen goods and services from responsible suppliers that share the same sustainability aims. Where possible, SAGE is sourcing local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint as well as supporting local businesses. Plus, with a large number of expected visitors, SAGE is encouraging guests to travel by public transport to reduce the number of cars on the roads. For those who cannot travel by public transport, there will be free parking available on-site for increased accessibility.


With every event of this scale, waste can quickly build up. To reduce the impact, all on-site catering will be using fully compostable packaging, and all waste that does amass will be removed from the site, sorted, and then recycled or composted where possible. The remaining waste will be incinerated or turned into eco-friendly refuse-derived fuel.

Single-use plastic

SAGE is taking a stand against single-use plastic. Unlike other trade shows where disposable lanyards are the norm, SAGE is removing plastic badge covers and replacing them with sustainable lanyards.

Instead of plastic cups serving drinks at the bar, hireable glasses will be used at the networking event, where a variety of beers will be served on tap from barrels rather than from bottles. In a bid to tackle the use of disposable water bottles, SAGE is also installing free water refill stations across the showground and encouraging visitors to bring their own reusable bottles.


Situated in the stunning Three Counties Showground, in the vale of the Malvern Hills, SAGE prides itself on being in a beautiful bio-diverse area, where woodland and wildflower zones are left uncut, encouraging nature and wildlife to flourish. Setting aside these protected nature areas on site helps to preserve the natural habitats of the grounds and reduce the impact of the event on local wildlife.

SAGE is known for its unique outdoor setting, where exhibitors get the opportunity to display machinery in action. For demonstrations, all-natural materials will be sourced locally, such as brush for chippers and feature gardens. The green energy tariff will also be applied to this event.


SAGE has announced Bio Circle and GRASS as official partners. With the philosophy of “Making Green Work”, environmental surface technology specialist Bio-Circle has over 35 years of expertise in sustainable parts cleaning. Partnering with SAGE, Bio-Circle demonstrates how business can lower their environmental impact by offering environmental solutions for cleaning and maintenance of groundscare equipment. Bio-Circle will also appear on the live panel event at SAGE’s improved ‘Sustainable Solutions for Grounds Specialists Summit’.

SAGE has also partnered with the Groundscare Resources and Sustainability Solutions experts GRASS, who work across the groundscare and sports industry to implement sustainable changes, and will be offering advice on tailor-made sustainability practices. Chairman of GRASS, Mark Tomlinson, highlights their mission: “Through our work together, we will be working with progressive sports sector leaders to implement sustainable changes now and as new opportunities arise.”

Discover. Demo. Network.

With sustainable practices at the heart of the SAGE 2023 event, this exhibition is set to send waves through the industry and set the precedent for years to come.
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For more information, or to book exhibition space, please visit or contact Vicky Panniers