The Sudstech patented porous paving system is capable of processing up to 50,000 litres of rain water, per meter per hour. Resin bound surfaces are traditionally installed on top of a sub base of either concrete or tarmac making them prone to clogging and damage from extremes in temperature such as freezing. Sudstech’s patented recycled rubber sub base is installed directly on to a prepared ground works of type 3 aggregate, followed by an attractive wearing top course of resin bound stone.

The rubber sub base benefits the system by adding flexibility, allowing particulates that would usually support weed growth to agitate through the surface when it’s trafficked by vehicle or foot. This movement restricts any particulates from settling and subsequently allows rainfall to wash the material clean.

Voids within the rubber slow the return of rain water, allowing it to percolate naturally back in to the water table, preventing flash flooding

In freezing conditions the sub base, allows expansion and contraction as water freezes and thaws within the material, without causing the problems of delamination where the two surface layers separate.

Sudstech does not require to be laid to falls, installation is low hazard and can be accomplished quickly with the new surface being usable after 24 hours. Sudstech carries a unique 10 year porosity guarantee


Tested at BRE and BREEAM credits are available.

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