Trailflex uses recycled car tyres and stone bound with polyurethane resin to create one of the greenest paving solutions on the market today. Installed using a simple, single pour process, the resulting surface is uniquely flexible to 90 degrees to resist tree root intrusion. Trailflex will not clog and requires virtually no maintenance, ensuring, fast and efficient drainage of rainwater and the replenishment of groundwater allowing surrounding trees and plants to thrive.

With a straight line loading of 17.5 tonnes Trailflex paving is extremely robust, making it suitable for almost any application or location in Town or country. BREEAM credits are available for using Trailflex, which requires minimal ground preparation and is ideally suited to Cycle paths, footpaths, golf cart paths, and tree surrounds.

Trailflex carries a 10 year porosity guarantee.

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