In Italy, there is a company that designs and manufactures outdoor luminaires completely made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Those who know materials are aware that this type of steel is one of the most resistant on the market and is used in different sectors. STRAL chose to bring the excellence of this material into their lighting, investing in research and development with a keen eye on sustainability.

Not only resistance, but also a minimalist and linear design with fine finishes that can be integrated into any context. The design of the entire collection bears the signature of Alessandro Zambelli, who has great experience in the lighting world. STRAL’s HCT (Hard Coating Treatment) finish, in fact, is not a paint, but a molecular treatment that acts directly on the material, giving the surface an ever-changing aspect that blends perfectly with the surrounding nature. The three available finishes: Inox Natural, Inox Bronze and Inox Graphite, can cover every design need, from green spaces to more architectural lines, up to historical contexts.

The entire STRAL collection is made of this material, from recessed floor luminaires to pole-mounted luminaires with heights of up to 6 meters. Environmental awareness and the reuse philosophy are central themes in STRAL’s production. From the initial design stages through the entire life cycle of the luminaires, all are considered. A long-lasting lamp body (10-years material guarantee against corrosion) is designed to be repairable in its electrical parts that naturally run out, while keeping the body intact and replacing only what is necessary. This avoids waste and overproduction.

A long process of research and development led to the creation of ever more precise objects using robotic technologies and centesimal precision laser welding. Unlike lamps made of aluminium, STRAL products are not moulded, but obtained by folding steel sheets, like origami.

Product application and detail, STRAL offers a complete range, with a specific section dedicated to garden and landscape lighting. There are several spotlights on spikes for discreet, long-lasting lighting, with objects that are attractive both during the day and in the evening thanks to their fine aesthetics. The garden spikes, including BENTH, (a Red Dot award winner in 2022), are available in different heights, with optics from 21° to 65°, and three LED colour temperatures, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. An extensive set of accessories also makes it possible to meet different application requirements. Thanks to the baseplate and casing versions, it is also possible to fix these products in concrete, to illuminate driveways and walkways.

To allow designers and landscape designers expressive freedom, and to be able to best accompany outdoor projects with light, the FOCAL and HOKU projector line is available with a set of lenses of different beam angles that can be selected on site to best suit nature. Simply unscrew the ring nut, select the lens, and fit it. Within the range, there are also garden bollards in different heights and shapes, always with attention to detail for high-quality projects.

Stylistic and formal coherence accompanies the entire collection, with shapes and geometries that are repeated throughout the catalogue, ensuring coherent and visually balanced designs.

Choosing STRAL is synonymous with awareness and attention.

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