Kress groundbreaking tech revolutionises the industry

Kress has been making headlines in the groundskeeping industry for the past few years. Wanting to find out why? Read more to find out all the ways Kress has changed everything about how it is possible to work in this field.

Kress the resets the standard on sustainable landscaping 

Kress raises the bar for sustainability, productivity, and profitability. A groundbreaking battery technology is at the heart of the 8-minute CyberPack innovation, which leverages proprietary chemistry to deliver high-current flow without the typical heat buildup that accelerates battery degradation. This breakthrough allows for unprecedented power and a full charge in merely eight minutes, while ensuring unmatched longevity, backed by a 6-year or 3,000-cycle limited warranty.

To ensure continuous operation throughout the day, the Kress CyberSystem features a unique selection of portable DC-DC chargers, enabling ultra-fast, battery charging on-the-go, even when miles away from the nearest AC power source.

The new paradigm of power

Two- and four-stroke engines reach their maximum torque and power at high RPMs when they hit a sweet spot in their performance curve.

In contrast, as we know from EVs, electric motors maintain peak performance over a broad range of RPMs. Yet, conventional low voltage batteries, like those used for OPE, could only deliver high power by pushing the current to levels that would degrade or even damage cells.

Kress’s 4 Ah 8-minute CyberPack on-board battery delivers the power equivalent of a 55 cc two-stroke engine, but with maximum torque delivered instantly at the pull of the trigger. This means instant power access without the wait, transforming operators’ work experience with newfound efficiency and productivity.

Catalysing the shift through business model innovation

Kress is committed to advancing the expansion of green landscaping by offering a unique business model designed to support landscape maintenance companies. This model revolutionises the traditional approach to fleet renewal by eliminating upfront costs, thus preserving working capital. The simple yet effective formula relies on manageable monthly installments, comfortably balanced by the savings from reduced fuel and maintenance expenses. The result? Enhanced profitability through pure profit, making the green transition not only feasible but financially advantageous.

Enhancing the environment and workers’ health

The transition to zero-emission landscaping not only helps cities achieve their decarbonisation targets but also elevates the overall health and quality of life for its residents. Landscapers, who face the most significant risk associated with emissions from petrol-powered equipment, can experience immediate health benefits. Switching to Kress battery-powered solutions eliminates exposure to toxic exhaust fumes and significantly reduces the consequences of noise and vibration.

The revolution is underway

Transitions can only happen when a viable solution is available.

Kress transcends conventional battery limitations, blending advanced technology with an innovative business model to offer the only eco-friendly solution that promises significant long-term cost savings over fossil fuels.

Kress Commercial products are now available at select commercial dealerships throughout the UK and Ireland.