STIGA Expert range of cordless garden tools – Perfected by green-fingered engineers

Using an alternative to fossil fuels has become increasingly important for many people, with greater numbers choosing to cycle rather than drive to reduce harmful emissions. This has led to battery-powered tools becoming a lifestyle trend that is growing fast in the gardening business.

STIGA battery lawnmowers and handheld tools are manufactured from lightweight, robust materials. Engineered for real-life working conditions, not just to pass a lab test. STIGA’s innovative new ePower batteries maintain a high-performance capacity and are still going strong after six hundred charges. That is the equivalent to an owner running down and recharging the battery twice a week for six years.

The STIGA EXPERT range of Cordless lawn mowers with two battery slots offer true power and robustness. The custom-built 48V powertrain recognises which batteries have been inserted into the battery compartment, the microchip synchronises the batteries, balancing the power draw and discharge rates along with the temperature, whilst monitoring the current for maximum run-time, energy storage and longevity. New for 2022 the range has a Twinclip 950e VR, battery powered roller mower with a cutting width of 48cm cutting width.

With a superior handlebar grip and less vibrations on every mower you can ensure that your comfort lasts as long as the batteries.

STIGA’s 900 series of EXPERT garden tools (Brushcutter, Blower, Hedge trimmer & Long reach hedger and the NEW Long reach pruner) will make light work of many tasks and when used in conjunction with the STIGA battery harness make them ultra-light without compromising on performance – setting a new standard of ergonomic excellence. The battery harness is waterproof with fully adjustable straps and a connecting cable for left or right-hand users. It holds two STIGA E-Power batteries of any amperage, lightening the load for uninterrupted work time.

Whether mowing, cutting, trimming, or clearing, the STIGA cordless range of mowers and hand tools are as powerful and long-lasting as their petrol equivalent, but with none of the noise, fumes, and hassle of engine maintenance.

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