AkzoNobel launches Interpon ACE powder coatings range to meet the high demands  in the Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) sector  

 A comprehensive portfolio of Interpon ACE powder coatings has been developed by AkzoNobel to serve the specific needs of the Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) sector. In addition to providing ultimate protection and functionality, the powder coatings are also more sustainable and high-performing than other coating solutions.


The new Interpon ACE range is specifically designed to withstand the demanding environments that agricultural and construction equipment is exposed to on a daily basis: harsh weather conditions from scorching sunshine to rainstorms and freezing temperatures; chemical corrosion exposures such as motor oil or fertilizer; and everyday wear and tear such as scratching and abrasion.


The full range includes both ACE primers and ACE topcoats working in combination (see notes to editors) to deliver top performance. To meet mechanical requirements, all of the powder coatings in the range have the adhesion, hardness, flexibility and impact resistance that meet and exceed the stringent industry standards to ensure that all of your equipment, from tractors to excavators, forklifts to bulldozers, are protected long term, and retain their quality appearance. This ensures the integrity and performance of the equipment today, but also helps retain its value in the re-sale market of tomorrow.


The new Interpon ACE range is an excellent alternative to more traditional liquid coatings solutions, not only because of its superior performance, but also due to the undeniable sustainability benefits of powder coatings: they are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and can help reduce your carbon footprint. During the application process, the layering can be reduced from traditionally three coats to two, or even a single coat. This means a lower cost per unit, and less waste. They are also easy to apply, and have improved edge coverage, especially when it comes to coating difficult shapes.


Daniela Vlad, Managing Director of Powder Coatings at AkzoNobel, says that Interpon’s ACE range is a game changer: “From construction to agriculture, forestry to mining, the world of ACE machinery and equipment is complex. Our powder coatings are designed for the vehicles often pushed to the limit of their endurance. It means matching products up to your specific durability, corrosion-resistance, and color needs. 


“The service we provide is also second to none. We have built a dedicated team who really understand our customers’ needs and can provide the ongoing technical support and training to make the most out of the product and their coating line. This is an exciting journey for us, recognizing that our customers deserve the very best product and service worldwide.”  


To find out more, visit https://automotive.interpon.com/en/ace/