Spreaders for all seasons and reasons

Spreaders for all seasons and reasons

Spreaders can get the rough edge of landscape and grounds maintenance.

These workhorses come out of the shed from early spring, applying fertilisers and turf treatments when grass starts to shoot during the growing season, in late summer and autumn for delivering winter feeds then ice prevention duties as the days darken.

Lifetimes will vary with quality of course but you can expect to be replacing a spreader every two to five years, if only because of wear and tear to bushes and the rotating distribution blades.

Turf technologists Vitax Amenity stock units to suit whatever the size, scale and frequency of the job and all feature accurate application, reliability and easy maintenance.

Designed for efficient, cost-effective delivery of granular and powder fertilisers such as the Enhance and Endure range, SSD Microbial and Green-up Lawn Sand, Vitax spreaders come with durable, moulded plastic hoppers from 25 kg to 45 kg capacity, corrosion resistant frames, pneumatic grass tyres, heavy-duty Nylon gearboxes and 2.4 m to 3.7 m coverage.

The free rain covers keep product dry until it’s needed and a built-in sieve reduces risk of clogging.

Maintenance is simplicity itself – a wash-off after every use helps prolong life, as does oiling some moving parts occasionally.

The 25 kg capacity Supaturf SSR 50 is the natural choice for smaller areas of managed turf and lawns, while the 45 kg capacity Supaturf SSR 100 is ideal for all types of dry fertilisers.

For those who want the spreader for all reasons and seasons, choose the Supaturf SSR 100 DL Deluxe. Constructed with sturdy, high-grade stainless steel frame, with deflector shield to control spreader pattern, this 45 kg capacity all-rounder delivers the goods in spring, summer and winter.

Its resistance to corrosion allows it to be used for applying dry salt and other treatments such as Vitax Ice Free (up to five times more efficient than rock salt) when winter weather strikes.

Purchase any Supaturf spreader before 31 May 2016 and receive two packs of 100 SupaWipes heavy duty antibacterial handwipes for removing oil and grease.