DeckWright reduces the risk of slippery decking

DeckWright reduces the risk of slippery decking

More and more timber decking is being specified in both domestic and commercial projects across the UK and yet many are still not aware of the risk of slipping when it becomes wet. A real concern, whether around the home or a business; a small slip can have serious consequences and even prove costly for your business.DeckWright is a fully tested, approved and accredited anti-slip product for timber decking. It is long-lasting, good looking and easy to install.

Why choose DeckWright?

Tested, approved and accredited

Not only has DeckWright been tested and approved as “highly anti-slip” (PTV 71) by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton in accordance with BS7976: 2002, it has also been DeckMark Plus accredited by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA), recognising its long-lasting quality.

Cut easily with standard tools

This is a big issue. Other anti-slip products can be far more difficult to cut to length, if at all. DeckWright Anti-Slip boards and DeckWright Inserts can be cut with standard tools, saving both time and money during installation.

Secure in the heaviest of footfall

DeckWright Anti-Slip doesn’t deteriorate – even when there are plenty of feet walking over it. The bauxite aggregate stays strong and effective. Other anti-slip solutions might not offer such reassurance when users are clearly looking for consistent, long-term safety on their timber decking.

Enjoy a lifetime of grip

With DeckWright, you do the job once, enjoy a five year warranty on the anti-slip and expect it to last for the life of your decking. Anti-slip solutions such as anti-slip paints and oils need to be re-applied, often deteriorating in effectiveness during the course of the year.

It looks great

DeckWright does not detract from the natural charm of your timber surface, subtly adding safety whilst ensuring that your deck looks fantastic – just as intended.

Two formats available

DeckWright can suit all eventualities – whatever the project. Two different formats make this excellent product accessible at all levels:

Format 1: DeckWright Anti-Slip boards

Suitable for the majority of grooved deck board profiles, manufacturer, WJ Group has facilities in Hull and Rochester that can mechanically anti-slip your own specification of board. In fact, we can even customise the colour, should you wish.

There is no minimum order for this service and the cost is simply per linear metre, making it ideal for projects and contractors. Furthermore, many timber decking suppliers stock boards that have been anti-slipped with DeckWright and details of such suppliers are available on the DeckWright website.

Format 2: DeckWright Inserts

With the benefit of hindsight, all timber decking would offer an anti-slip property. But we can inherit slippery decking, whilst many learn the consequences of standard decking in hindsight. DeckWright Inserts can be retrospectively installed to most grooved deck boards, whether simply for steps, walkways or much larger areas.

Flexible to use and supplied in one metre strips, cut them with standard tools and install them quickly and easily using DeckWright Adhesive. They can withstand heavy traffic locations and offer a long-lasting solution that will not deteriorate over time.

Need samples or more information?

If you’d like to know more about DeckWright Anti-Slip and how it can help your business, please get in touch and we will happily send you some samples and answer your queries.

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