South Staffordshire Housing Association trials Wienerberger’s e4 brick house™

Screenshot_2South Staffordshire Housing Association (SSHA) has announced that it will be trialling Wienerberger’s e4 brick house concept. The Association will be carrying out a trial of the concept on a number of two-bedroomed homes under construction in the coming months…The Association selected the e4 brick house™ for its environmental and sustainable credentials, as sustainability in construction is high on its list of priorities. Since the concept is founded on the use of high-efficiency building materials, which create homes that are efficient, desirable and economical, the e4 brick house™ concept met SSHA’s strict criteria to ensure it sets the highest standard of ecological sustainability.


Neil Woodfield, Development Officer at SSHA, commented:  “The e4 brick house™ revolves around four central principles of Economy, Energy, Environment and Emotion. Those principles help us to achieve our goals of building affordable, energy efficient and sustainable homes, which allow for a higher quality of living.”

 Richard Brown, Category Marketing Manager at Wienerberger, commented:  “We are delighted that South Staffordshire Housing Association is trialling the e4 brick house™. The four pillars of the e4 house will create a new benchmark for the future of sustainable homes and it is great to see confidence growing in the concept amongst the social housing sector.”


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