SIMES Luxury Exterior Lighting with a Twist

SIMES, a UK partner of Zumtobel Group, has expanded its portfolio following collaboration with international designers using various materials including concrete, wood and aluminium to create the most amazing luminaires that bring exterior spaces to life. In the new collection, SIMES expresses its creativity by playing with primary geometries – the circle, square, triangle – and works on the fundamental principles of forms to offer new lighting ideas.

SIMES’ individual exterior lighting expertise and strict environmental ethos provides architects and lighting designers with a combination of the most technologically advanced products combined with the very latest, eye-catching aesthetics.

Ghost is a luminaire contained within a solid concrete structure, offered in various designs it incorporates a light blade within the concrete surround – when it’s off, it disappears. It has no artifice, just a cut in the concrete with brutal and magic inspiration, directly cast into the concrete, fusing architecture and light in a natural way.

Keen represents the evolution of outdoor lighting projectors. A special double joint allows the projector to take infinite positions for different light effects and its minimal design makes it suitable for a wide range of architectural applications. Available in four sizes, Keen is engineered with the most advanced LED technology and different optical solutions, ensuring a performing light effect and energy saving characteristics.

Stage is an ultra-thin and ultra-performing, adjustable projector generating a luminous flux of extraordinary intensity and visual quality. Available in symmetrical and asymmetrical version, Stage is ready to house the DALI system (available on request), necessary to manage the quantity of light. The asymmetric version is characterised by an innovative scoop optic that guarantees lower luminance resulting in maximum visual comfort.

Another new, adjustable projector is Outline, a basic and sophisticated design created for a lighting system that shapes the space with a distinctive, clean and tasteful style. Whether as pole, wall or floor mounted, Outline enhances the expressivity of pure aluminium through minimal and simple lines that illuminate space and reveal its true potential.

Other additions to the range include Streamline wall-washer and projector, a linear wall-washer designed to illuminate walls and facades with a grazing light effect, creating a soft and uniform diffusion, Smooth functional and accent lighting that’s guaranteed by the latest generation of LED, combined with specific reflectors and Plan, a brand new LED appliqué with single or double light emission.

With SIMES, Zumtobel Group offers an exclusive, multi-brand, one stop shop for those wanting to specify high specification luminaires that will transform and evolve the surrounding architecture and make a strong emotional impact. For more information on SIMES products and a copy of the new product brochure visit