DuPont™ Plantex® GroundGrid® ensures the stability of an elegant new gravel driveway design

When Outerspace undertook a project to completely strip out a large residential front garden, removing a traditional linear block-paved drive and side lawn, the landscaping experts knew they needed a high-performance solution to give structural stability to their elegant new design. Plantex® GroundGrid® proved to be the answer to ensuring both the integrity and minimal maintenance of the gravel-laid renovation.

Landscape specialists Outerspace created a new circular gravel-laid driveway design using Plantex® GroundGrid®
Landscape specialists Outerspace created a new circular gravel-laid driveway design using Plantex® GroundGrid®

The previous narrow approach and parking space had become a problem for the large extended family that owns the house, making for very tight turns or tricky reversing, especially when other cars were visiting. The family also felt there was no longer any need for a high maintenance lawn to the front of the house, as they enjoy a large garden to the rear. They wanted ample driveway space, together with the smart look of gravel, while keeping a planted barrier of mature shrubs at street front for both privacy and greenery.

The client was keen for a solution that was smart and attractive while offering easy upkeep, and which also gave extra parking, with a bay wide enough for easy turning and unloading. Outerspace came up with a landscape design that met all key criteria, and which also incorporated a circular paved pathway for pedestrians. Gravel was the desirable covering for the inner circle on many levels, not only for the satisfying crunch underfoot/wheel (which also adds to security), but also for its light reflecting properties.

Nevertheless, a firm foundation was needed that would prevent excessive movement and therefore gravel loss, especially as a great deal of manoeuvring would be taking place over the surface. In order to create stability and help keep the gravel layer in place, an advanced system with a robust structure and sufficient depth was required, so that the base would not become easily exposed.



















Terrey Maufe of Outerspace explains, “After doing considerable homework, we found the ideal solution in Plantex® GroundGrid®, which allows the gravel to be separate and yet held together, so decreasing the chance of it being moved or exposed. The product also offered greater design freedom, as it was easier with this system to accommodate the circular design. This is a lovely property in a high-end area so the aesthetics were very important, but also lasting performance mattered too. What’s more this system allows for crucial drainage to take place while being lower maintenance than simply applying a loose layer of gravel.”

“We haven’t used the system before and DuPont offered comprehensive info and assistance, but it was also a very useful learning curve. Although we decided to use some hard-core to the initial depths on this occasion, in future we realise the grid is stable enough to completely infill with gravel from the start. The client is delighted with the results and while there’s still some planting to do, the new frontage of the property looks amazing already.”


DuPont™ Plantex® GroundGrid® is a strong, three-dimensional and permeable geotextile with an innovative honeycombed cellular structure, which can be used with a range of infill materials from soil to stone to sand. Ideal for delivering a firm and stabilised gravel surface, it withstands heavy use from vehicles and pedestrians in a much more durable and effective way than loose laying. It also enhances drainage, as the advanced non-woven structure permits rain water to pass through both horizontally & vertically, thereby preventing the pooling of water or localised flooding that can otherwise occur during heavy rain fall.

Minimising gravel migration and wheel rutting, Plantex® GroundGrid® offers high tensile strength, and is also highly suited to uneven terrain or to the passage of wheelchairs, prams, buggies, bicycles, motorcycles, and even high heels! Supplied in tightly packed concertina form, Plantex® GroundGrid® is lightweight and easy to expand, cut to size on site, and install.

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