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We are a UK engineering service company and leaders in distributing frost-free technology. Based in the Cotswolds, we set out in 2009 to deliver an unrivalled service to our customers to ensure that they receive the best product for their own particular set of needs. water supply.

Over the past 12 years, we have met the needs of many commercial and domestic customers in a whole range of sectors, as a distributor of innovative engineering solutions. We are always available at the end of the phone to talk things through and discuss the best solution for you.

The C1000 Frost-Free Hydrant

The C1000 Hydrant is self-closing and is intended to be used for watering, washing, and providing a drinking water supply to water automatically drains out below frost level and leaves no water behind in the pipe or hydrant to freeze.

It’s main advantages are the fact that it eliminates hassle for the user in cold temperatures and also maintains a reliable irrigation supply. It’s economical, with a price point of £160 and an investment for your yard that is both practical and incredibly sturdy. It’s easy to install and we are happy to talk you through any questions that you may have about installation.

Essentially, this is a vertical tap that can’t freeze… even in the coldest of conditions. As the UK climate continues to rejoice in being anything but predictable, we are here to ensure you have the weatherproof water system you need to keep things moving in these turbulent times.

The C1000 yard hydrantis freestanding and is composed of a castiron head, a heavy duty galvanized pipe, a brass valve body and a plunger in ethylene propylene. Once installed, the handle will be at about 90cm above ground, optimised for the most comfort when opening and closing. The plunger is adjustable, and can easily be replaced, after 15 or 20 years.

It has been designed for use in agriculture and equestrian environments. It can also be used at garden centres, sports fields, sewer plants, aviation bases, zoos, attraction parks… the list goes


  • The C1000 can be locked to prevent vandalism.
  • The C1000 is very sturdy.
  • It drains automatically to prevent any damage caused by freezing temperatures.
  • Practical and economical.
  • Removable and easy to install.

We are always happy to advise on how best to install:

  • The bury depth should be 60cm or 90 cm underground or at the frost-free depth of your region. Hydrants are available with bury depths up to 3m underground.
  • At the connection, always use fabric to prevent sediment from damaging the plunger. A brick or similar block under the connection will prevent the hydrant from sinking in the pea gravel used for drainage.
  • Always connect to a water line below the frost level

C1000 hydrants are available in 60cm and 90cm but please ask us if a different bury depth is needed.

How Does It Work?

  • The lever (1) opens and closes the hydrant (opened when the lever is up and closed when the lever is down).
  • The rod (2) is connected to the plunger (3) and closes the drain (4) when the lever is in the open position, allowing the
  • Perform the opposite action to close the water by pushing the lever down and the purge will open and drain automatically preventing water from staying in the pipe and causing it to burst in freezing temperatures.
  • The user has water available year-round.
  • The plunger is placed against the valve body to guarantee impermeability.
  • The plungers (3) are made of ethylene propylene for the C1000 series (material that is self-lubricating and will not bond to the brass valve body)

“The C1000 Hydrant is self-closing and is intended to be used for watering, washing, and providing a drinking water supply t0 animals.”

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