Provender Nurseries launches Rosedale Peat Free multi-purpose compost

Adding to the Rosedale brand, exclusive to Provender Nurseries recently launched the latest addition to the Rosedale brand, Rosedale Peat Free multi-purpose compost.

The long-awaited peat free compost is a blend of Forest Gold wood fibre, coir and other responsibly sourced materials combined with essential plant nutrients and trace elements to provide the ideal compost medium to sustain healthy plant growth.

Rosedale Peat Free compost is blended to suit all plant types (with the exception or ericaceous plants), contains feed for up to 6 weeks growth and is suitable for a variety of uses.

Vaidas Paulauskas, Sundries Manager at Provender Nurseries, says ‘I am delighted to be able to add this product to our range of Rosedale products.  We have already seen an interest in our new Rosedale peat-free multi-purpose compost with good sales already. The bags are made from LDPE 4 plastic which is recyclable at most Local Authorities.’

The Rosedale brand, exclusive to Provender Nurseries includes Peat Free multi-purpose compost, Rosedale multi-purpose compost, a range of professional blend fertilisers available in two sizes including Beds and Borders Fertiliser, Ericaceous Fertiliser and Treeplanter Fertiliser.

Rosedale Peat Free multi-purpose compost is available in 50L bags.