Beautiful Barriers

Many cities across the globe are redefining their urban policies as they face the increasing fear of terrorist attacks. Just as we all tentatively venture out post-lockdown and find a new outdoor life, the concept of shopping, open spaces, festivals, and outdoor events are less appealing, in light of the above threat. Our urban spaces need security requirements and procedures to reassure and protect users.

Italian architect Stefano Boeri, best known for his green plant covered buildings, has suggested that our cities take an alternative approach to vehicle mitigation and include trees and planters overflowing with greenery rather than stark concrete barriers.

“A big pot full of soil has the same resistance to a Jersey [concrete barrier], but it can host a tree – a living being that offers shadow; absorbs dust, subtle pollutants and the CO2; produces oxygen; homes birds.”

A beautifully designed green landscape combined with clever street furniture design offers not only a great use of space but creates the opportunity to add a safety aspect with an additional aesthetic quality.

For urban planning to be successful it is important that design, technology and security work hand in hand. Street furniture has to be designed to serve all purposes. Both protection and aesthetics are key.

Bailey Street Furniture Group has in response to this demand designed a flexible, modular planter system which is perfect for creating raised planting schemes in our urban and city environment. Easy installation makes this planting system perfect for all areas of our cityscape, from courtyards to roads and shopping areas to recreational spaces.

Inspira Protect is a range of planters that feature a reinforced structure, that has been tested to withstand vehicle impact, offering both security and protection to pedestrians and infrastructure without compromising the aesthetic value of a residential or commercial area.

In 2022 BSFG are expanding their enhanced security street furniture offering to include IWA rated reinforced Seating, Litter Bins and cycle parking. Making it possible to secure our cityscapes without sacrificing both the beauty and identity of our urban environment.

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