Plugr aerators from Billy Goat offer a turf solution

May 2015 – Over time, particularly with heavy use, soil can become compacted which prevents air, water and nutrients from circulating throughout the soil. Ultimately this leads to damaged, unsightly and useable turf.

 Plugr aerators from Billy Goat offer a solution to this that can improve drainage and promote new growth. 

The process of aeration helps to relieve the pressure, making holes throughout the lawn to allow air to circulate around the roots. This in turn, encourages grass to grow stronger creating a healthier turf.

 There are four new Plugr aerators in the Billy Goat range, in addition to the three original Billy Goat aerators. These are the PL1800 (with either a 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine, or a 118cc Honda engine), or the PL2500 (with a 163cc Honda engine, or a 196cc Honda/Hydro Drive).  

The PL1800 has a 18” working width, along with four tines and weighs just 109kg. It is ideal for smaller properties or rental scenarios, and places cores 2.75” deep and aerates 22,000 square feet per hour. It has an easy folding handle that allows for compact use, transportation and storage. 

The PL2500 is perhaps suited for more intense usage. It has a 25” working width and eight reciprocating cam driven tines that punch to core depths of 2.75”. It can deliver aeration to up to 42,500 square feet per hour. Prices of the new Plugr aerators start from £1999.99 including VAT. 

Billy Goat products are exclusively available in the UK through Henton & Chattell dealers nationwide. Henton & Chattell are the leading distributors for garden machinery brands in the UK, offering a number of exclusive product ranges to garden machinery dealers. 

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