DMMP Limited has announced a new Magnum spreader which has joined the Leicestershire-based’s company’s stable of expert winter tools and machinery. The new spreader is simple to use, maintain and store so will have a positive impact on the way many organisations deal with ice and snow this winter.

The Magnum Poly Insert Spreader sits neatly on the back of a three-quarter or one ton pick-up and effortlessly deals with the issue of spreading salt when ice and snow is expected.  The spreader’s unique design has been created to allow easy access and maintenance.

The spreader has a capacity of 1.14m3 -1.52 m3 and has been designed for simplicity of use. Excellent features include:

  • Hopper design eliminating the use of steel cages to hold the hopper upright providing a non rusting solution and increased stability
  • A concealed motor spinner department which keeps salt out
  • Low friction poly bearings equalling no maintenance
  • An easily-removed (without tools) auger and a rear cover protecting the auger motor from salt
  • Out of season it can be stored upright to save valuable space
  • Recessed lifting pockets make installation and removal an easier process
  • The full width hopper reduces spillage into the vehicle bed and built-in tarpaulin hooks make covering and uncovering simple

It will be available in various sizes and models and will appeal to contractors who need to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in the weather.

DMMP managing director Marcus Palmer is enthusiastic about the new spreader: “We are thrilled to be launching the new Magnum insert spreader range.  We’re really impressed with it and believe that it will make light work of the tough seasonal task of ice and snow management, which many organisations will face in the coming months.”

For more information, please call 0845 643 9776 or visit