Celebrate Your WWI Centenary with Pictorial Meadows special Remembrance Poppy Mixes

2014 sees the centenary of the start of the first World War. Consequently, many organisations are considering commemorative flower displays using Poppies.  On our home site of Sheffield Manor Lodge, Pictorial Meadows will be celebrating the Centenary with a whole year of special events. To help set the scene we’ve created 3 new mixes just for 2014 which we’d like to share with you and are available for other landscapers to purchase

They are : “Flanders Field”

Flanders field Poppies from Pictorial Meadows

Just Pure Flanders Poppy for that completely authentic setting.

“Least We Forget” Mix

A simple combination of summer flowering Flanders Poppy mixed with much later-flowering Golden Coreopsis to ensure a continuation of pure colour into early autumn.

“Old Comrades” Mix

A more varied mix dominated by mixed Poppies including Flanders Poppy in early summer with later flowering annuals emerging after the poppies fade away.  This mix includes  Bishops flower, Red Flax and Cosmos and we will be using this to provide a colourful and long- lasting flowering edge around  our events arena

**A leaflet can be downloaded from  : www.pictorialmeadows.co.uk/rembrance-mixes

 Rememrance flyer

If you have special centenary events planned for specific dates do get in touch with Pictorial Meadows  so we can advise on best sowing dates and establishment and management.

Email: info@pictorialmeadows.co.uk

Website: www.pictorialmeadows.co.uk