Launching HydroPlanter™

GreenBlue Urban are excited to announce the launch of a new modular bioretention raingarden system, the HydroPlanter™ The latest product can be retrofitted into highways schemes and on new developments of any size.

The “Plug and Play” sustainable urban drainage solution can attenuate and cleanse stormwater and provide amenity and biodiversity to new and existing spaces particularly suitable for highway build outs, central reservations and verges.  A single modular unit would also be suitable for new housing developments tackling SuDS solutions when space is at a premium.   The HydroPanter is an easy to design solution with drag and drop CAD drawings available via the GreenBlue Urban website.

The modules are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material that can be filled with a soil specification and planted with wildflowers and biodiverse grasses.   The concept is flexible, scalable and each unit stacks together to be a convenient solution that any subcontractor can work with and install.  Installation is fast, simple and offers significant cost savings to alternative methods.

The complete package is available to include soil, drainage, stone and planting schemes.  The HydroPlanter fully meets all requirements of the 4 pillars of SuDS outlined in the CIRIA manual.  For detailed specification of the new HydroPlanter including internal build ups, suggested planting schemes and UK Hydraulic Performance design tables visit the GreenBlue website at

GreenBlue also offer dedicated SuDS CPD’s with lunch included, should you wish to discover more do express further interest by emailing or by calling 01580 830800.


Greenblue Urban is the global leading solutions provider in assisting trees and green infrastructure to establish in urban spaces.  Established over 27 years ago with more than 40 years’ experience in the landscaping industry with an exceptional expertise in planning and design for urban planting stormwater solutions.