Clear the Decks

As we move into a second wave of lockdowns, those in tier 2 areas are facing an alfresco winter, should they wish to socialise. To enable COVID-compliant socialising with friends and family, many will be looking into ways of transforming their outdoor space as the cooler weather settles in. Outdoor heaters, fire pits and pizza ovens have seen a staggering surge in demand, and interest in decking options has followed suit, as homeowners look to maximise their living space and make their gardens more enticing.

Decking is a versatile product, allowing garden landscapers to add a welcome pop of personality to an outdoor area. From creating an impressive walkway from living room to lawn, or raising ground level to the height of the doors to rectify surface disparity, decking is a feature with endless scope for opportunity.

Practicality beyond the aesthetics

Stylish decking can drastically improve the overall look of a garden. Even the smallest section has the power to transform an outdoor space, adding a strong focal point around which other visual elements can congregate.

Practically, decking can also be specified to level out any uneven or sloping ground, and fill awkward or unused areas on steep inclines. It increases the size of the garden and finds a purpose for any space which was previously unusable.

In more extensive gardens, incorporating steps and terraces can further maximise space. If the structure is positioned high enough, the area underneath can be used as additional, lockable storage, a space-saving alternative to the traditional shed.


Raising ground

If the garden is situated in an area of outstanding beauty or by the coast, decking can create an excellent area for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. However, be sure to check planning permissions first!

Attractive decking which makes the most of a view, will not only deliver a great deal of pleasure to the homeowner, but is also likely to increase the property’s value.


Classic combinations

For garden pathways, investing in non-slip decking is recommended, as it reduces the risk of accidents during wet and icy winter months.

Mixing decking and paving stone designs on pathways and raised platforms, is a great option. It produces a beautiful contrast via the materials used, creating points of visual interest throughout the garden.

Ultimately, decking provides an ideal solution for customers looking to extend the footprint of their home’s living space.

Aside from its timeless look and enhanced safety features, decking has the added benefit of reducing garden maintenance, such as mowing and pruning time, ensuring your client has more time to sit back and enjoy their garden fully.


Spokesperson: Leigh Barnes, Retail Sales Manager, Jacksons Fencing