The Koulsdown Story

Koulsdown story was born in July 2015 in Pathos, Cyprus.

I was on Holiday with my partner trying to chill out in 36 degree sun which is not as chilled out as you wish for.  I decided to get up and get the beers in, I might as well make the most of it.

So returning back to my sun lounger I put my beer on my table and sat down “OUCH, I screamed out” my partner was listening to her music with eyes shut oblivious to my pain.

After a lot of swearing, F.ing and blinding my partner hushed me to be quite and said “what’s your problem” upon looking around at all the people glancing at me, I went into the pool to cool down.

Returning to my sun lounger with a bottle full up with water to chuck over my boiling hot sun lounger I now faced another irritating problem my shorts were wet and my towel was soaked. I was now laying on a damp towel and after a short while I was feeling very uncomfortable with rashes and sores starting to form on the underside of my legs, I was not happy.

Laying there with a burnt bum, sores on my legs and thinking I actually paid money for this, I thought I could surely come up with a better more comfortable sun lounger to relax on.

After hours of thinking a light bulb moment appeared, if I could find something that could cool you down would be a great start.

I then started sourcing materials that could cool you down and I come across many different types of technologies but many of them were electrical which was not viable for outdoor sun loungers.

Without giving up and with a desire in my mind I carried on and on sourcing materials and then, Yes I came across a cooling gel mattress that would cool your body temperature by 2 degrees, it was outdoor compatible and would not hold on to heat in turn the material would pass any direct heat straight through and the material acted as an orthopaedic mattress this was more than I anticipated, I was so happy, my persistence had paid off.

Going back to England I had one thing on my mind making this idea even better.

I contacted a patent attorney and explained my concept I was instructed to draught up a description and sketches and to submit them back asap, Which I duly obliged, the first step was doing a world patent search which we done, patiently waiting we finally received the news, it was a go, I could not believe no one had not patented this idea but gladly for me because this was the green light I needed in my life, I wasted no time in loaning the money to submit the patent application.

After a lot of discussion with my patent attorney I decided the idea needed something more than just a cooling gel and I cast my mind back to my experience in Cyprus and recalled the situation with my wet trunks and towel, then the holes flashed up in my mind like a bolt of lightning, I had no doubt what so ever I needed to include this in my product to help with water filtration, air circulation and of course skin care, then add on the microfiber dry fabric encasing the mattress, I was ready to start designing  and nothing was holding me back, after months and months of designing, planning, sleepless nights and driving across the country tweeking the design, dealing with time wasters, manufacturers, web designers, exhibitions, money lenders, prototype specialists and upholsterers.

I am proud to present the World’s first cooling gel outdoor furniture company Koulsdown.                    I would like to thank all my family and friends that helped this dream become a reality.

Thank you to the people involved in designing, building and Thank you Uncle Barry for the great name Koulsdown.

Director of Koulsdown

Jay Ventham

 change relaxing in gardens to, relaxing in your hotel, roof top bars, casino and V.I.P areas.

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