Green-tech Supply Urban Tree Planting Materials for Manchester Traffic Island

Leading landscape supplier Green-tech was called in to assist Newbrook Gardening Services with the planting of two established trees in urban Manchester.

Salford council commissioned a new traffic island on Cromwell Road in Salford; which was designed to stop vehicle access.

Argyle NW Construction was the contractor and invited Newbrook Gardening Services to install the trees on their behalf.

Newbrook Gardening Services are specialists in grounds maintenance, landscaping and snow clearance and gritting services in the Manchester area. They have worked with Green-tech for many years and approached them to supply the ArboRaft tree planting system, ArborRaft soil, tree grills and Resibond to complete the project with a contemporary finish.

The ArborRaft Tree Planting system combines nutrient-rich ArborRaft soil with strong geocellular units. The individual ArborRaft units lock together and form a raft system that sits within the tree pit and provides load bearing support and reduces soil compaction. Together they create a healthy growing space for trees that will be subjected to vehicle or pedestrian trafficking in urban areas. The system retains the open structure of the soil which allows the roots to grow naturally and the essential oxygen, nutrients and water can flow freely through the growing media; all of which contribute to the ideal growing environment for trees to establish themselves and flourish.

Above the ground, gt Resi-Grilles were installed into the hard landscape. These are cast iron grilles which a recess of 50mm that allows the grille to be filled with gt Resibond to give a porous surface. gt Brittany Bronze gt Resibond filled the grille and this is supporting the load from street traffic and protecting the tree’s rootball.

Owner of Newbrook Gardening Services Jonathan Fearick said,

“Our client is pleased with the end result. The gt Grilles look contemporary but are robust and hard wearing and won’t need any maintenance.  The trees are nicely established and looking good.  Green-tech were great with the advice they offered me. Their pricing, delivery and service was all spot on and I’d highly recommend them.”