Get fit with Play & Leisure!

New to our current collection of play and sports equipment is our fantastic new Zone Outdoor Fitness Range! This range has a selection of ‘must have’ fitness kit to challenge the users of outdoor community spaces and is suitable for users over the age of 14.

Our stand alone items include the Walker, Slalom, Sit up Bench, Stretch Bars, Leg Push, Pull Down, Pull Up, Dip Bars, Wheels and Hip Spin offering toning, stretching, strengthening, cardio and general fitness and well‐being. We can also offer our Fitness Station, which incorporates up to 9 different exercise points all on one unit. To enjoy working out with a friend (and to save cost and space) it is possible to combine different stations on the same post. You can have random combinations or complimentary items that offer specific work outs such as The Push Up, Pull Down and Dip Bars for an upper body workout or the Slalom, Walker and Leg Push for the Leg Workout Combo.

Play & Leisure has specialised in designing, manufacturing and installing children’s playground and sports equipment in the UK for over 20yrs, in fact we pride ourselves on using British materials and local companies in all our processes so you know that when you buy from us, you are buying British.

Our Zone Fitness Equipment is manufactured to conform to the new EN16630 standard published by CEN in April 2015.

For more information, log on to or call 01244 546797.