In the heart of South London, nestled among the bustling terraced townhouses where space is a coveted luxury, a new dad found himself faced with a dilemma.

Billy’s once serene bedroom, which doubled as a workspace, was to undergo a transformation into the nursery for his new-born.

Undeterred, the 32-year-old marketing director sought a solution that would not only maintain his productivity but also offer a sanctuary amidst the chaos of family life.

Expert installers from Elite Garden Studios built the 3×4.5m home office within just two weeks in a race against time before the baby arrived.

This was achieved despite having to overcome a series of challenges including parking restrictions, being forced to carry the materials through the front door and down a flight of stairs then another 40ft to the garden.

Billy said: “We live in a very busy area just out of central London, on a bus lane, with no nearby parking and the only access to the garden is through our Edwardian house with some very narrow doorways.

“Then once they had gotten to the garden they had to work over a giant drop at the back where my neighbours had recently excavated a deep basement.

“To top all of this off we only had two-and-a-half months from when we started before our baby was due.

“EGS were amazing at adapting and moved heaven and earth to deliver on time.”

It comes as EGS was last month awarded the title of the ‘most thermally efficient garden room in the UK’ by independent engineering consultants.

Analysis showed its garden rooms excel in thermal performance, with a U-value of 0.16 W/m²K, surpassing industry standards for insulation.

EGS’s low U-Value and condensation-free build protects the structure and longevity of the room and reduces energy bills and the carbon footprint for its customers.

Meanwhile, homeowner Billy has installed a desk, TV and sofa in the amazing studio, and turned it into the perfect work space all year round.

He hailed the ‘incredible service’ provided by EGS and said the room heats up in just five minutes, even in the winter and the insulation is ‘better than my house’.

Billy added: “Elite Garden Studios turned my garden into a functional and stunning home office. The quality of construction is top-notch!”

“Even in colder months, the heating system warms up the space in just five minutes.The skilled team overcame London challenges with professionalism and the project manager made the process stress-free. His design suggestions were spot-on.

“To top all of this off, we only had two-and-a-half months from when we started before our baby was due and the project had to be completed before this time.

“I highly recommend Elite Garden Studios for their quality construction, design, insulation and exceptional professionalism. Thrilled with the result!”

Matt Forrest, Managing Director of EGS, said: “We’re thrilled with our latest award as it confirms our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge materials and construction methods to deliver spaces that are not only beautiful but also scientifically sound.”